NcodeR STUDIO is a cost-effective and intuitive virtual event platform that delivers rich-media & hybrid event experiences to global audiences. With live streaming, video conferencing, networking, 360 environments and robust analytics, content owners and event organisers have now full control of their virtual events and monetise online events through sponsorships and paywalls across multiple devices. 

Dynamic microsites enhance the viewer’s experience by giving the flexibility to customize the look and feel of your virtual event layout. Interactive tools such as, live chat, moderated Q&A, social media walls and polling questions are just a few of the features that keep your audience engaged. Accurate reporting and registration forms provide the data you need to maximize the effectiveness of your programs and profits from your event ROI.


Virtual Event Platform

Live streaming

Multiple bitrate streaming to adapt your online event to any device and end-user connectivity. Your live streaming is entirely cloud based, automatically recorded and available after your event.


Foster real connections through the live chat, gamification features and the delegates space. Discover attendees' profiles, connect with them through our portal and start a real-time engaging conversations through video calls, private groups and live chats.


Launch a diverse monetisation strategy through sponsorships, video overlays, banners combined with highly advanced ticketing systems based on recurring and one-off payments for your event subscribers.


STUDIO keeps track of all the analytics you need to see how your event is performing. Track when viewers come and go in real-time. See how long they watched for, what city they're watching in, and what device they're using.


Multiple support levels available to meet your requirements with dedicated account management alongside a remote and onsite video production team ready to setup and deliver your online event smoothly. Plus our development team is open to launch new features and bespoke integrations thanks to the flexible nature of our virtual event platform.

Virtual Event Solutions